Trade security with performance

The recent CPU flaw caused quite a mess. Most recent linux kernels have the problems patched, but what if I am willing to trade security for performance? I’ll need to compile my own kernel and here is how to do that on Ubuntu 17.

First, we need to make oldconfig. Basically copy the kernel compile config from Ubuntu and decide whether new features should be enabled

Here I…

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Flash on Ubuntu+Firefox

It’s the most annoying thing when every now and then, your flash version is outdated and it won’t load the pages you visit every day. For me, this solved the problem: First, install pepperflashplugin-nonfree. It’s avaialble from official repository on Ubuntu 14.04. But this only install the plugin for chrome. Second, install the Fresh Player plugin from Restart Firefox and that’s it. Sadly, the plugin still consume a considerable…

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