kubernetes quickstart

kubernetes and docker In this post, I’ll be deploying a docker cluster running a number of nginx containers. Bare with me though as I am still learning about kubernetes and docker. Machines The master node will be controlling the worker nodes. Deployments will not run on the master node itself. From my experience, at least 1.5Gi of memory is needed for these machines. k8s-ms | k8s-wk1 | k8s-wk2…

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Brought to my attention by a friend, I gave ipfs a try and here is what I did to get started:

The file is stored locally under the blocks directory:

Once a file is added to ipfs, it cannot be deleted. References: https://ipfs.io/docs/commands/

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Google wifi – days of work

Another user at home was complaining about all the different APs that I have installed. All the different SSID and the fact that wireless clients tend to cling to AP that are further away and the connection became dead slow. Often we will need to manually switch to a different SSID. My place isn’t particularly huge. But rooms are separated by brick walls. I was exited about google wifi when…

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AWS Application Load Balancer Request Tracing

ALB is a layer7 load balancer on AWS. It offers more features than ELB. You can find out more about it on https://aws.amazon.com/elasticloadbalancing/applicationloadbalancer/ Recently, I was asked to look into a random 504 issue with ELB. Because there is not a lot to configure on ELB and it’s pretty much a black box, I wasn’t making any headway there. The client believes their code is solid and this is an…

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Copy directory in linux

Back to 101, copy a directory. This sounds trivial but there are subtle differences that can make a huge difference. I used to run this as it makes sense to me syntactically rsync -av source/* dest/ It works well BUT all the hidden directories right below source/ will not be copied. If I do any of the followings, source will end up being a subdirectories under dest: rsync -av source…

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